In 1882, the Acta Ordinis [Fratrum] Minorum was established by the will of the-then Minister General, Br. Bernardine of Portogruaro. The purpose was to facilitate and improve relations between the center and the Provinces of the Order throughout the world and vice versa as Br. Bernardine himself wrote on January 14, 1882, in the 1st issue of the Journal.



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Fraternitas is the official newsletter of the Order. Its first issue, written in Latin, goes back to 10th November 1967, at the time of Minister General Br. Constantino Koser who wanted it to be a instrument for strengthening the bonds among Fraternities in the Order. The digital edition in eight languages started in 1998. Fraternitas became an online-only publication in 2002.



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Contact is the official quarterly newsletter of the OFM General Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC). It is a means of communication for all Franciscans engaged in the mission of JPIC. The newsletter serves as encouragement to all in the JPIC ministry. It is also a means of keeping in touch with other friars and colleagues throughout the world.



Koinonia is the official newsletter of the Secular Franciscan Order. Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship. Therefore this publication refers to Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians

Communion and Communications


The initials “cTc” stand for communion and communication. They were intended as an invitation to collaboration and dialogue between Poor Clare Sisters in various parts of the world. Fr. Dario Pili wished that the cTc could come “immediately from the hands of the nuns attached to the Pro Monialibus Office”.

The editorial team is formed by the OFM General Delegate of the Office of “Pro-Monialibus” and the Secretariat which is based in the Monastero Santa Chiara, Cortona (Arezzo, Italy) at present. Poor Clare Sisters and Friars Minor from all the continents collaborate with articles, reflections, news and translations.