Religious Sisters


The Poor Clares

Poor Clare nuns bring gifts of prayer, simplicity, community and joy to the Church. Each Poor Clare community is autonomous. Not all Poor Clare nuns dress alike, work alike or keep the same daily schedule. If you go from monastery to monastery you will feel the spirit of Joy and Communal gifting of each other – you will experience the warm bond of Joy, Simplicity and happiness of being a Franciscan.

“If each of you is a precious opportunity for others to meet with God, it is about rediscovering the responsibility of being prophetic as a community, to seek together, with humility and patience, a word of sense that can be a gift for the country and for the Church, and to bear witness to it with simplicity.”


Pope Francis

Pro Monialibus


The Office for Nuns of the Second and Third Order


Fully acknowledging their close relationship with one another, and recognising in them the same charism, the friars are always to have great care and concern for nuns of the Second and Third Order of St. Francis.


It is the duty of the First Order to maintain and watch over the spiritual union with nuns of the Second and Third Order, as well as to encourage their federations; their autonomy of life, however, particularly that of government, is always to be safeguarded (GC III.II, Art.56).

The General Assistant for Nuns


In order that the contemplative life of the monasteries of nuns may flourish the more perfectly and effectively in the Church and in the world, the spiritual assistants are to help the nuns to form themselves in the spirit of prayer, in a living witness of genuine poverty and in missionary zeal (GC III.II, Art.58).


Br. Ignacio Ceja Jiménez, OFM

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