2017 JPIC Course: The Slavery of the 21st Century – New Threats to the Human Dignity


Dear brothers,

May the Lord give you peace!

As part of the Order’s Ongoing Formation plan for our brothers, I am pleased to announce that our JPIC Office, in collaboration with the Pontifical University Antonianum (PUA), has confirmed the dates for its annual JPIC Course: May 8-14, 2017. This is in keeping with the spirit of the Animation Guidelines of the General Definitory for 2017, “Moving to the Peripheries; Brothers and Lesser Ones Moving Towards…Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation”. The Course is designed to train JPIC Animators (especially new Animators) to address the issues of our time, as well being an opportunity for Ongoing Formation for all the friars.

The title of the course will be “The Slavery of the 21st Century – New Threats to the Human Dignity”, and it will be given in the three official languages of the Order (Spanish, English, and Italian). This year’s overall theme is Human Rights; issues such as migration, human trafficking, labor, and refugees will be covered.

The JPIC Course will be held in two parts: The first part, May 8-12, will deepen the participants’ understanding of today’s issues by systematically developing the skills they need to develop a vision in response to the pressing changes taking place in our world today.

The second part, May 13-14, is specifically designed for the formation of JPIC Animators. They will work together to develop processes for change, based on our Gospel spirituality, and on our Franciscan-Clarian Tradition, as well as on insights gained through reflection on their own experiences.

In response to the challenges of the different situations world-wide that the friars are faced with, and in fidelity to our charism, I fraternally ask that you encourage friars to participate in this JPIC Course, especially those who are just beginning their service as JPIC Animators. I also request that you encourage lay men and women to participate in the Course. This is an important way for them to strengthen and deepen their commitment to live the Gospel, and for us friars to collaborate with them in our common evangelical mission.

For more details about the course, please consult the program included with this letter. Do feel free to contact the JPIC Office of the Curia, as well, at pax@ofm.org

May God bless this project!

Fr. Michael A. Perry, OFM
General Minister and Servant

Download the invitation letter and the Program in PDF.