2020 Meeting of the Minister General with new Ministers Provincials and Custodes

The Annual Meeting of the Minister General and his Definitory with the newly elected Ministers and Custodes for 2020 was officially opened with the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by the Vicar General, Br. Julio Bunader  (Homily: EnglishEspañolItaliano). The meeting is taking place at the General Curia in Rome and will run from Jan. 21 to 30, 2020.


The new Ministers Provincials and Custodes:

Br. EDILSON ROCHA DA SILVA, Cust. of St. Benedict of the Amazon, Brazil
Br. MARCO AURELIO DA CRUZ, Prov. Holy Name of Jesus, Brazil
Br. FERNANDO APARECIDO, Cust. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Brazil
Br. CÉSAR KÜLKAMP, Prov. Immac. Conc. BVM, Brazil
Br. ANTÔNIO PACHECO, Prov. Our Lady of the Assumption, Brazil
Br. MARINO PEDRO RHODEN, Prov. St. Francis, Brazil
Br. NICOLÁS OJEDA NIEVES, Prov. XII Apostles, Peru
Br. FREDY GALVEZ, Prov. St. Junipero Serra, Mexico
Br. NELSON TOVAR, Prov. St. Paul, Colombia
Br. JUAN MANUEL BUJÁN, Prov. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Br. EMILIO ANDRADA, Prov. Assumption of the BVM, Argentina
Br. MANUEL CORULLÓN, Cust. Protomartyrs of the Order, Morocco
Br. JOSÉ ARIAS, Cust. Immac. Conc. BVM, Venezuela
Br. MARIO CHIARELLO, Prov. Seven Martyrs of Calabria, Italy
Br. ENZO MAGGIONI, Prov. St. Anthony, Italy
Br. PAOLO QUARANTA, Prov. Assumption of the BVM, Italy
Br. ANTONINO CATALFAMO, Prov. Holy Name of Jesus, Italy
Br. GRÈGOIRE BOWA KATETA, Prov. St. Mary of the Angels, D.R.Congo
Br. MARKO MRŠE, Prov. Most Holy Redeemer, Croatia
Br. ALAN TOMASZ BRZYSKI, Prov. S. Hedwig, Poland
Br. ERIK URBÁN, Prov. St. Stephen, Romania
Br. MOURAD MIGIALLA, Prov. Holy Family, Egypt
Br. SIPHELELE GWANISHENI, Prov. Our Lady Queen of Peace, South Africa
Br. RENEE C. DEAN, Cust. S. Anthony of Padua, Philippines
Br. MICHAEL SUNG-HOON WOO, Prov. Our Lady Queen of China, Taiwan
Br. FREDERICK ODHIAMBO, Prov. St. Francis, Kenya
Br. CORNELIUS BOHL, Prov. St. Elizabeth, Germany
Br. THEO VAN ADRICHEM, Prov. Holy Martyrs of Gorcum, the Netherlands
Br. PAUL MURAKAMI, Prov. Holy Martyrs of Japan, Japan
Br. MICHAEL PERUHE, Prov. St. Michael the Archangel, Indonesia