A visit from an Icon depicting Francis and Clare

The brothers in charge of the JPIC Offices of each of the Entities of the Conference of Our Lady of Guadalupe have, with the approval of their Ministers and Custodes, taken the initiative of bringing the icon depicting St. Francis and St. Clare to all the entities of the Conference. The visit of the icon is intended as an invitation to all the brothers to adopt the proposals made by the General Definitory for this year:

  • That each Entity draw up and implement an ecological program for the local fraternities, in accordance with decision 19 of the General Chapter.
  • That in a world often dominated by conflict and violence, we must strive to be promoters of peace and non-violence in all the areas in which we live and work.
  • That the suggestions contained in the handbook “Franciscan Management of Finances” be studied and put into practice, in order to help towards an authentically poor and evangelical way of life.

The visit of the icon of St. Francis and St. Clare to each of the entities will conclude in May 2017 when, in the remembrance of the anniversary of the arrival of twelve Franciscan pioneers in New Spain (May 1524), the icon will reach the Port of Veracruz and be welcomed by friar-representatives from all the entities of the Conference.