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Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum 2016/03

The latest edition of ACTA is now available for download.
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Important Notice

In response to the call to avoid wastage and to conserve resources, both financial and ecological, the editors of ACTA ORDINIS FRATRUM MINORUM have decided to reduce the number of printed copies starting with the next edition of ACTA. This will greatly lessen both the cost of printing and the amount of energy consumed in paper production and book distribution. It is our hope that, since the ACTA is available online (, our readers will be encouraged to consult this website instead.

We are aware that some entities require a printed copy for their archives, and for this reason we will be mailing two copies to each Franciscan Province or Custody to be kept in their Curia and their library or archive. Should you require more copies, we request that you send us a letter requesting this – either via email or at the mailing address above. The contribution per annum, which will cover printing and mailing, is €30 (thirty euros; CC/P 75 36 2004, Account: CASA GENERALIZIA ORDINE FRATI MINORI). If, on the other hand, you feel you would prefer to receive only one copy – or none at all – please let us know. We trust that you will understand the necessity for these changes, which are overdue, and we wish you peace and every good.