Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum 2017/03

Dear brothers in Christ, subscribers and readers,

May the Lord give you Peace!

As you all know, the publication of Acta Ordinis of the Friars Minor was interrupted following Br. Luigi Perugini’s return to his Province at the end of 2017. For a long time, Br. Luigi directed the editing and publication of this instrument that continues to be valuable even if today almost everything is available on the internet, as well as in real time. Grateful to Br. Luigi for his dedication and his work, the Order of Friars Minor wishes to continue publishing Acta Ordinis, guaranteeing its continuity, to the benefit of the many Archives throughout the world, true “Databases of history” that never go out of fashion, libraries, friaries and student houses.

I was appointed Director of Acta Ordinis last September, and after some time needed for the collection and writing of unpublished content, today I can resume the shipment of missing numbers. As a result of this, you are receiving the third issue of 2017. The volumes for 2018 and 2019 will follow shortly.

The structure, for now, is still four-monthly, the graphics have been simplified, and overall, I hope you can make more use of the publication.

We ask you to let us know, by post or email, any addresses that should be removed or added among the recipients of this mailing (suppressed or erected houses, unified Entities, changes of formation houses).

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a new year filled with the Lord’s grace and open to the Holy Spirit.


Br. Pasquale Berardinetti
Director of Acta Ordinis


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