“And I am” Vocations Campaign in Poland Enjoying Media Attention

The Franciscan Youth and Vocation Center of the Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland has released a series of videoclips for the Week of Prayer for Vocations and has received an enthusiastic response from the media.

The videos present testimonials from various friars talking about their vocations. Using the same formula for everyone, each friar introduces himself, then he describes his dreams before he entered the Order and then concludes with the phrase: “I Jestem” (And I Am).

Some of the friars interviewed (in Polish) were:

Br. Albert who spoke why he did not pursue his dream of becoming a lifeguard or an athlete. Now 27 years old and a Solemnly Professed friar, he feels fulfilled that he belongs totally and forever to the Order of Friars Minor.

Br. Euzebiusz dreamt of becoming a surgeon, a dancer, to have a family and a house with a big garden and…a long beard! He is 34 years old and has been in the Order for 15 years.

Br. Henoch was an altar server and wanted to be a physiotherapist. He is 29 years old and is currently studying philosophy.

Br. Marcin, 32, used to work in a pub, enjoys hip-hop and was recording music to become a rapper.

Br. Pio loves Japanese cartoons and wanted to be a soccer player like the figure Captain Tsubasa.  He worked in a hospital, in a coalmine and in constructions. He is now 35 years old and a student of theology.

Br. Hiacynt had a dream to become a hero like Bruce Lee in films, later to become a soldier and a husband. He is 43 years old and is finishing his post-novitiate formation.

Each of their stories reveals the uniqueness, beauty and sacredness of every Franciscan vocation.  The videos can be viewed on the FCMP Trzej Towarzysze YouTube channel.