Antonianum Rector and Vice Rector Reconfirmed

A celebration in honor of Sr. Mary Melone SFA, Rector of the Pontifical University Antonianum (PUA), and the Vice Rector, Br. Agustín Hernández OFM, was held at the “Aula San Francesco” on June 15th, 2017. For the past few years this feast has been held in June because the feast days of both Sr. Mary and Br. Agustín occur in August, when the PUA is closed.

The Antonianum Fraternity was joined by the Mother Superior and sisters from the Suore Franciscane Angeline (the Congregation to which the Rector belongs), as well as by PUA professors and students. The Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Br. Alvaro Cacciotti OFM, spoke on behalf of all present to congratulate the Rector and Vice Rector on having been recently reconfirmed by the Congregation for a further three years, and to wish them well for the future.