APP “Frati Assisi”

“Frati Assisi” (Assisi Friars) is a free App designed for all friends of Francis of Assisi that have experienced his charism and been fascinated by the simplicity and beauty that radiates from him and for all those who are still attracted to the man who called himself a “new kind of fool”, sent by God to speak to the hearts of the distant as well as the near. He was capable of a simple and universal language that rarely finds barriers, and thus able to dialogue with people always.

He is waiting to greet you personally in the shrines that the Lord gives us the grace to serve. We hope that this app can be a useful tool to keep alive the flame of faith, hope and charity.

The App is available for devices that use Android, Google Play. By Christmas we hope to make the same gift to friends with Apple and Windows: as well as online. It will soon be available in other languages.

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Happy navigating, the Lord give you peace!