Being Stewards of Creation

Br. Roger Lopez explains, in this video, that stewardship of God’s creation requires wisely using our dominion over all creation as God does, so that everyone benefits from it.

We now have in our society this language of care. How can we reduce our impact with the environment?

This is an important part of our stewardship, that God gives us this [responsibility] as a gift. We see it from the very beginning in Genesis. God says, I give you dominion over the fish and the birds and all the creatures. And we have to understand dominion in its right way.

A lot of times, maybe in the past, we saw dominion as: We can do whatever we want with it. But that’s not how God works. God has dominion over all the universe and he does not reach into our lives and overpower us or use it for harm. His dominion is one of care, is gentle, it’s one that is constantly thinking of the others. Can we reorient our own image of domination to be like this, like God?

That is stewardship of creation: to look at every perspective, every action, and how’s it going to affect what God has given us in the world. So from recycling, to transportation, to carpooling—asking these important questions helps us, moved by God, to take care of this wonderful world that he has given us as proper caretakers of God.