Br. Adrianus Sunarko OFM nominated Bishop of Pangkal-Pinang, Indonesia

The Pope has appointed as bishop of the diocese of Pangkal-Pinang, Indonesia, Br. Adrianus Sunarko, OFM, Provincial Minister (St. Michael the Archangel Province) and President of the Conference of Male Major Superiors in Indonesia.

Br. Adrianus Sunarko, OFM, was born on 7 December 1966 in Merauke, in the Archdiocese of Merauke, West Papua. After attending the minor seminary of Mertoyudan, he completed his studies in philosophy at the Driyarkara Superior School of Philosophy and in theology at the Pontifical Wedabhakti Faculty of Theology in Yogyakarta.

He professed his religious vows on 15 August 1994 in the Order of Friars Minor and was ordained a priest on 8 July 1995.

He has held the following offices: parish vicar in Kramat, archdiocese of Jakarta (1995-1996); studies for degree in theology at the Albert-Ludwig Universität in Freiburg, Germany (1996-2002); lecturer in the Driyarkara Superior School of Philosophy in Jakarta (since 2002); OFM Provincial Minister (two mandates, since 2010); president of KOPTARI (Conference of Male Major Superiors) (since 2014).