Br Renee Dean re-elected Custos in the Philippines

Br Renee C. Dean was re-elected Custos of the Autonomous Custody of St Anthony of Padua in the Philippines. At the close of the 5th Custodial Chapter – which took place in Cebu from 29 June to 3 June – Br Renee thanked the brothers for their participation.

After electing Br Renee, the friars also elected Br Neil J. Badillo for the office of Custodial Vicar and as Councillors Br Allan Jose Arcebuche, Br Christopher Villanueva Br Cristologo Dragon and Br Gilbert Bagaloyos. According to the General Statutes of the Order, the Custos and Custodial Vicar were elected for a six-year term and the councillors for a three-year term (Art. 183 §1).

Br Renne was born in Calbayog City on 26 March 1972, took his first vows in 1995, his solemn vows in 1998 and was ordained a priest on 28 October 2000. He was assigned to interreligious dialogue in the Custody, particularly in Mindanao, from May 2000 to May 2002. He was also appointed to school ministry from May 2002 to April 2007. Prior to his studies abroad, he was Deputy Director of St Francis College in Guihulnagn, Negros Oriental.

The Custody of St Anthony currently has 71 friars in 19 friaries. The friars are engaged in pastoral service in 7 parishes, in education with five schools and a centre for dialogue with Islam. In addition to these services, the friars are also engaged in the health service with a hospital in Summer and small clinics scattered in areas of difficult access, such as the mountains.

The Chapter was presided over by Br Marcello Ghirlando, Visitator General, of the Province of St Paul the Apostle in Malta.