Comunicato Tempo Forte

Communique from the General Definitory – Tempo Forte of December 2017

The December 2017 Tempo Forte was held from the 18th to 22th of the month. On the first day, each of the friars of the Definitory spoke about the activities and experiences in which they had been involved during the period since the November Tempo Forte.


Various acts of elections were ratified during the Tempo Forte sessions. These included elections that took place:

  • during the Provincial Chapter and Capitular Congressus of the Province of the Holy Martyrs, Korea;
  • during the Provincial Chapter and Capitular Congressus of the Custody of the Seven Joys of Our Lady, Brazil;
  • during Extra-Capitular elections of a Definitor and some Guardians in various Entities of the Order.


In addition, changes to the Particular Statutes of the following Provinces were ratified:

  • The Province of St Bonaventure, Lazio and Abruzzo (Italy)
  • The Province of the Holy Martyrs of Korea
  • The Province of the Holy Martyrs of Japan
  • The Province of the Holy Faith, Colombia


Two friars who had declared their availability to go on a mission experience received an obedience to go to the Custody of the Holy Land and to the missionary fraternity that will shortly be established in Cuba.

On December 19th, the General Definitory met with Br. Witosław Styk, OFM, Rector of the “Fraternità Beato Gabriele M. Allegra OFM”, based at St. Anthony’s (Antonianum), Rome. Br. Witosław is Chair of the committee that is organizing the Under-Ten Chapter of Mats that will take place in Taizé in July 2019. While only delegates from each of the Entities of the Order will attend the Chapter, nonetheless all the young friars will be engaged by means of a preparatory phase and a phase that will follow the Taizé gathering. Shortly, a bespoke website will go online and Ministers Provincial, Custodes, Presidents of Foundations, those responsible for Formation and Studies, and the young friars themselves, will be given the relevant information.

During a session on the same day, Br. John Puodziunas, General Treasurer, also joined the Definitory to examine the 2018 budget for houses dependent on the Minister General.

On December 20th, the General Definitory approved the revised Statutes of the “Fondazione Collegio San Bonaventura Frati Editori di Quaracchi”, which now includes the “Collegium Sancti Boanventurae – International Center for Franciscan Studies and Research”. The new structures of the Foundation envisage that:

  • Its Board of Trustees is the General Definitory
  • That its directors should be John McCafferty, University of Dublin (current Chair), Prof. Jacques Dalarun, Prof. Gerard Pieter Freeman, Prof. Marianne Schlosser, Br. Giuseppe Buffon, OFM, Br. Johannes B. Freyer, OFM, Br. Cesare Vaiani, OFM, and Br. John Puodziunas, OFM, General Treasurer;
  • That there should be a Director, a role currently filled by Br. Bill Short.


As usual during Tempo Forte there were sad cases of friars who wish to leave the Order. The following requests were examined:

  • dispensation from the obligations of the clerical state (1);
  • secularisation ad experimentum (2);
  • dispensation from Solemn Vows (2);
  • exclaustration (3);


The other sessions of the Tempo Forte dealt with matters such as the preparation of the Plenary Council of the Order, which takes place in Nairobi, Kenya, from June 12th to 28th, 2018. Two moderators were elected from among the Council Members — Br. Isauro Ulises COVILI LINFATI, Minister Provincial of the Province of the Holy Trinity, Chile, and Br. Keith WARNER, of the Santa Barbara Province, California (USA).

The next Tempo Forte takes place at the General Curia from January 8th to 26th, 2018. It will include a meeting of the Minister General and Definitory with the Ministers Provincial and Custodes elected during 2017.


Rome, January 15th, 2018

Br. Giovanni Rinaldi, OFM
Secretary General