Comunicato Tempo Forte

Communique from the General Definitory – Tempo Forte of January 2019

During the Tempo Forte in January 2019, the General Definitory began to examine and discuss the General Chapter of 2021. Moreover, working with the General Secretariat for Formation and Studies, some themes and issues relating to formation programmes were studied, especially on the African continent.

On 15th January, the General Definitory, except for the Minister who was unable to attend for health reasons, took part in the traditional annual celebrations for the feast of the Pontifical Antonianum University, during which a doctorate honoris causain theology was conferred on our beloved confrere Br. Carlo PAOLAZZI.

Br. Peter TINDO and Br. Magdy David MARZOUK who currently carry out their missionary service in Khartoum in Sudan were welcomed and listened to while they were in the General Curia for a period of rest and reflection.

The acts of election of the Government of the Province “Our Lady Queen of China” in Taiwan were ratified, where Br. Michael SUNG-HOON WOO was elected as Minister,Br. Placid KWOK-WAH WONG, as Vicar and Br. Claudio PEGORARO, Br. John Baptist MIN-CHENG HUANG, Br. Bonaventura SZU-CHUAN LIN and Br. Pius MYOUNG-SU JEUN as Provincial Definitors.

The following requests came to the General Definitory:

  • dismissal from the Order (2);
  • dispensation from celibacy and the obligations of the clerical state (3);
  • secularisation pure et simpliciter(2);
  • dispensation from solemn vows (1);
  • exclaustration for three years (1).


The reports on the Custody of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Brazil (at the end of the Custodial Chapter), the Custody of the Annunciation of the BVM in Albania, and the Missionary Foundations in Myanmar and Thailand (entrusted ad experimentum to the Province of the Holy Martyrs of Korea since February 2018) were tabled and considered. Moreover, the composite Franciscan presence in China and the possible future of our presence in Papua New Guinea were discussed.

The lists of candidates for Ministers Provincial presented by the General Visitators for the Entities that are preparing for Provincial Chapter were approved.

The next Tempo Forte will take place from 11th to 22nd March 2019.

To the praise of Christ and the Poverello of Assisi. Amen!


Rome, 11thFebruary 2019


Br. Giovanni Rinaldi, OFM
Secretary General