Comunicato Tempo Forte

Communique from the General Definitory – Tempo Forte of January 2020

The Tempo Forte took place from Monday 13 to Friday 31 January 2020. On Thursday 16 January the Vicar General and some General Definitors attended the Feast of the Pontifical University Antonianum and, on the same day, the Minister General returned to Rome, after a long period of rehabilitation following his bicycle accident on 15 August 2019. Also, from 21 to 30 January the Minister General and the General Definitory met twenty-nine new Provincial Ministers and Custodes elected in recent months.

During the sessions of the current Tempo Forte, numerous dossiers were dealt with, including the awarding of some scholarships, obedience to formation experiences and missionary service, the erection of some Commissariats of the Holy Land, the suppression of some religious Houses, and the ratification of several acts of election that took place both at Provincial and Custodial Chapters and at Chapter Congresses.

Br Lovro GAVRAN, OFM, was elected Visitator General for the Custody of the Annunciation of the BVM in Albania. The General Definitory approved the Candidates for Minister Provincial and Custos for Entities that will celebrate their Chapter shortly (Province of St. James of the Marche, in Italy; Province of Our Lady of Hungary; Custody of St. John the Baptist, in Pakistan) and ratified the Ratio Formationis and the Ratio Studiorum of two Entities. They also laid out the broad programme for the Meeting with the Conference Presidents, which will be held at the General Curia during the Tempo Forte in May.

Reports after the Canonical Visitations of the Custody of St. Benedict of the Amazon in Brazil and the Province of St. Michael the Archangel in Indonesia were examined.

Several dossiers falling within the competence of the Procurator General’s Office were addressed:

  • information on allegations of graviora delicta (4);
  • dispensation from celibacy and the obligations of the clerical state (4);
  • dispensation from solemn vows (2);
  • secularisation pure et simpliciter (1);
  • indults of exclaustration (7);
  • dispensation from temporary vows (2).


Three requests for readmission to the Order and three requests for transfer to the Order from other Congregations were accepted.

Some personal cases and questions of changes in the juridical status of a couple of Entities were examined.

With the help of Br. Sergio GALDI D’ARAGONA, OFM, the appointments of several officers and commissions for the General Chapter 2021 were decided. Moreover, possible themes for the Chapter as well as its methodology were discussed.

The next Tempo Forte will take place from 16 to 27 March

To the praise of Christ and the Poverello di Assisi. Amen!


Rome, 4 February 2020


Br. Giovanni Rinaldi, OFM
Secretary General