Comunicato Tempo Forte

Communique from the General Definitory – Tempo Forte of July 2018

The July 2018 Tempo Forte began with Mass and Morning Prayer celebrated on Monday morning, July 16that 7:00 AM. Then, at 9:00 AM, the Minister General, Vicar General and each of the General Definitors spoke about the activities in which they had been engaged since the conclusion of the Plenary Council of the Order, held in Nairobi, Kenya, from June 12thto 28th. A letter concerning the Plenary Council will be published on August 2nd.


The following Visitators General were elected during this Tempo Forte

  • Br.Aloysius Gonsaga RUSMANDJI, for the Province of St. Michael the Archangel, Indonesia;
  • Br. Carlo SERRI, for the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, Palermo (Italy);
  • Br.Dobromir JASZTAL, for the Province of the Holy Family, Egypt;
  • Br.Henry Osmarvin GONZALEZ ZELAYA, for the Province of the Assumption of the BVM, Rio de la Plata, Argentina;
  • Br.Oscar ANTE, for the Province of the Holy Martyrs of Japan;
  • Br.Vicente Paulo do NASCIMENTO, for the Amazonian Custody of St. Benedict, Brazil.


Having considered reports from a special committee that has worked on the issue for more than a year, and having consulted various Entities and Conferences, it was decided to entrust the two Franciscan presences in Kazakhstan to the care of the Provincial Minister of the Province of St. Hedwig, Poland (Wroclaw). From now on, the St. Francis Foundation, dependent on the Minister General, will be composed of the three fraternities in Russia.

As some of you will already have seen, the Chapter of the Blessed Giles of Assisi Foundation for Dialogue and Mission was held at the General Curia on July 25thand 26th. The Palestrina Fraternity was suppressed a few months ago and now the General Definitory has decreed that the Foundation itself should be suppressed, effective November 15th, 2018. In addition, the now well-established Fraternity of Pazin (Croatia) has been entrusted to the care of the South-Slavic Conference.  As regards the Franciscan presence in Turkey, the Guardianate of Santa Maria Draperis (Istanbul) has been erected, and a filial house in Izmir incorporated into it. Br. Eleuthère BAHARANYI MAKUTA was elected Guardian of the Istanbul House with Br. Antonius DUMA as Vicar and Bursar. Br. Apollinaire BAHINDE BWALIKE is the animator of the filial house in Izmir.

Br. Pasquale BERARDINETTI, of the Assisi Province (Italy), was appointed Director of the Protocol Office in place of Br. Bernardo MOYA MONTERO. Br. Pasquale will also be responsible for Acta Ordinis, which will consequently resume publication shortly.

Scholarships were renewed for about sixty of our Friars who study at the PUA or other Pontifical Universities in Rome and who reside at the Blessed Gabriele M. Allegra Fraternity, St. Anthony’s International College, Via Merulana.

The Minister General, with the consent of his Definitory, admitted candidates for Postulancy, Novitiate, First Profession, and renewal of Temporary Profession for the Custody of the Holy Martyrs of Morocco, and for the Foundations of South Sudan and Congo-Brazzaville, all entities dependent on the Minister General.

Br. Cesare VAIANI and Br. Siniša BALAJIĆ, of the General Secretariat for Formation and Studies, updated the General Definitory regarding the progress of the project whose aim is the establishment of a unified Franciscan University (UniFra) in Rome. The General Treasurer, Br. John PUODZIUNAS, also made a presentation to the General Definitory of the financial report for the first half of 2018 regarding expenditures of the General Curia; Br. John also briefed the Definitory on other administrative matters.

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 26th, the General Definitory met Br. Franco MIRRI and Dr. Elisa PETTORINO, of the General Curia’s Fundraising and Development Office, as well as lawyers Marco LOMBARDI and Ornella VASTOLA, from the Jones Day law firm (Milan), and Marco MALTONI, Notary, assisted by Raffaella FAMMARTINO, from the Maltoni-Scozzoli law firm (Forlì). The purpose of the meeting was to explore various modalities in the creation of an appropriate body for raising and receiving funds. The meeting was interesting and engaging, and what emerged was a general line of thinking that will be further considered by the General Definitory. This envisages the establishment of a Foundation whose objective would be the collection and distribution of funding for the various missionary and Formation projects taking place in the many entities of the Order.

Eighteen extra-capitular elections of Guardians were ratified, from various entities of the Order.

Br. Julio César BUNADER shared information about the intention to hold a meeting at the Seraphicum on December 1st, 2018 for Friars who are members of the fraternities in Rome dependent on the four Franciscan General Ministers. More specific information will follow as soon as the day’s program has been decided.


The following cases were examined during the Tempo Forte:

  • dismissal from the Order (1);
  • dispensation celibacy and from the obligations of the clerical state(2);
  • secularisation ad experimentum (5);
  • dispensation from Solemn Vows(2);
  • exclaustration for three years(4);


Agreements between our Minister General, the Minister General of the Conventual Franciscans, and the Custos of the Holy Land, concerning the Inter-Franciscan Fraternity at Emmaus-El Qubeibeh, (Holy Land) were signed. This project has already been in operation for the last number of months.

The session of Friday, July 27thclosed the July 2018 Tempo Forte. The next Tempo Forte begins on September 10th, 2018.

To the praise of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Poverello of Assisi. Amen!


Rome, July 31st, 2018

Br. Giovanni Rinaldi, OFM
Secretary General