Comunicato Tempo Forte

Communique from the General Definitory – Tempo Forte of July 2020

The ordinary sessions of the Tempo Forte in July took place from Monday 6 to Friday 10 July 2020, preceded by two extraordinary sessions on 11 and 25 June.

General Chapter of the Order: The General Definitory examined the responses received from the Conference Presidents and decided that the Chapter would take place in Rome, in a reduced form and, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, close to the Solemnity of Pentecost or, at the latest, in September/October 2021.

With the approval of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Br Ignacio CEJA JIMÉNEZ, Definitor General, was elected “General Delegate pro monialibus”, to replace Br Fernando MENDOZA LAGUNA, who returns under the obedience of his Minister, to the Province of Saints Peter and Paul in Mexico.

There was also a change in the College of the Lateran Penitentiary Friars: Br Ciro STANZIONE returned under the obedience of his Minister, to the Salerno-Lucanian Province of the Immaculate Conception, in Italy; on 2 June the Apostolic Penitentiary appointed Br Victor JOHN, of the Custody of St John the Baptist, as Ordinary Minor Penitentiary at the Papal Basilica of St John Lateran.

During this Tempo Forte, the Definitory met with the General Bursar, Br John PUODZIUNAS, OFM, and the Controller, Dr Donata GENTILINI, to discuss some important financial matters.

Four Provinces (in Italy, Mexico, and the United States of America) were granted a derogation from Art. 166 §1 of the General Statutes, so that they may postpone their respective Provincial Chapters by more than three months.

In full respect of the anti-Covid norms and following the prescriptions of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life by letter of 1 July 2020, the Provincial Chapters of some entities in Croatia, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic took place. The General Definitory examined and ratified the acts of the elections that took place during these Chapters, as well as those that took place outside Chapter: a Definitor for the Province of the Most Holy Trinity in Chile, a Councillor in the Custody of St. Anthony of Padua in the Philippines, and four Guardians (Cuba, Poland, United States of America, South Africa).

Br Reginaldo Rômulo MONTE CANTO, of the Custody of St. Benedict of the Amazon in Brazil, was elected Visitator General to the Province of the Holy Cross in Brazil (Belo Horizonte).

In accordance with Art. 170 §2 of the General Statutes the General Definitory elected the Definitors of the Province of Ireland.

In addition, Br Hugh McKENNA, who will also serve as local bursar, was elected for the next three years as Guardian of the St Isidore’s College in Rome; he will be assisted by Br Juri LEONI, as Vicar.

The Definitory examined the Final Reports of the Canonical Visitations that took place at the Pontifical AntonianumUniversity and the Provinces of Our Lady of Hungary and St Francis in Vietnam.

Ten new scholarships were granted, and 70 were renewed for the academic year 2020/2021; of these, 43 are for students who are not members of the OFM.

In addition to granting two former friars readmission to the Order without the obligation to repeat the Novitiate and welcoming an Olivetan monk into our Order, the following cases of departure from the Order were dealt with:

– Indult of exclaustration for three years: 2
– Dispensation from solemn vows: 8
– Secularisation ad experimentum: 4
– Secularisation pure et simpliciter: 3
– Dispensation from the obligations of priestly ordination: 2
– Dismissal from the Order: 1


The next Tempo Forte will be held from 7 to 18 September 2020.

To the praise of Christ and the Poor Man of Assisi. Amen!


Rome, 11 July 2020


Br. Giovanni Rinaldi, OFM
Secretary General