Comunicato of the General Definitory December 2016

The last Tempo Forte of 2016 took place between 12th and 16th December.
Altogether a total of 30 files (plichi) were examined during this Tempo Forte, dealing mostly with ordinary administrative matters.

Throughout the meeting, the Reports of Visitators and Delegates General were studied. These included:

  • The report of BR. BIENVENIDO BAISAS, on his visit to the Province of St Thomas the Apostle, in India;
  • The report of BR. JAKAB VÁRNAI, on his visit to the Custody of the Holy Land;
  • The report of BR. RAFAEL COLOMER, on his visit to the Province of the Assumption of the BVM, in Argentina and Paraguay;
  • The report of BR. GABRIEL NGGA, on his visit to the Province of St Michael the Archangel, in Indonesia;
  • The report of BR LIVIO CRISCI, on his visit to the Province of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Italy (Naples);
  • The report of BR. IKO SKOKO, on his visit to the Province of the Holy Cross, in Bosnia Herzegovina (Sarajevo);
  • The report of BR. BOBBY VADAKKAL, on his visit to the Custody of St Francis in Papua New Guinea.

The Definitory elected a number of Visitators General and Assistants who will visit the Provinces and other Entities in the coming year:

  • BR JOSÉ ALIRIO URBINA RODRÍGUEZ, of the Province of Santa Fe, in Colombia, as Visitator of the Province of the XII Apostles, in Peru.
  • BR VALMIR RAMOS, Definitor General, as Visitator of Collegio S. Isidoro, a fraternity dependent on the Minister General;
  • BR. LÓRÁNT, Procurator General, as Visitator of the Fraternity of the Friar Penitentiaries of the Basilica of St John Lateran;
  • BR. MANUEL ANAUT ESPINOSA, of the Province of the Holy Gospel, in Mexico, as Assisant Visitator of the Pontifical University, Antonianum;
  • BR. FRANCISCO GEARÓID Ó CONAIRE, of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Central America and Panama, as Assistant Visitator of the Province of St. John the Baptist, USA.
  • BR. BRIAN BELANGER, of the Province of the Holy Name of Jesus, USA, as Assistant Visitator for the Province of Arantzazu, in Spain.

Having received the opinion of the Juridical Office, the Minister and Definitory approved some modifications made to the Particular Statutes of the following Entities:

  • The Province of St Francis, in Ecuador;
  • The Province of St Paul the Apostle, in Colombia;
  • The Province of St. Michael the Archangel, in Italy (Foggia).

Having received a further update on the financial situation of the General Curia from the office of the General Treasurer, the Minister and Definitory then considered the Budget for 2017 which the Treasurer presented. After careful study of the proposal and some discussion, this Budget was approved.

The Minister and Definitory devoted a great deal of time during this Tempo forte to a variety of ways to ensure that the Plenary Council of the Order 2018 might be able to function effectively not only during the preparatory phase but also during its celebration and afterwards during the communication of its deliberations.

During the course of the week, the Minister General was able to bring Christmas greetings to the heads of several departments of the Holy See. They expressed their deep appreciation of the presence of several friars in their various dicasteries and the contribution they make to the work of the Roman Curia. The Minister and Definitory were able to express their own appreciation for this service on the evening of Monday 12th December when many of those working for the Holy See came to the Curia to join the Definitory and the Fraternity for Vespers, Supper and recreation.

On the evening of 16th December, the Minister General presided at Vespers in which all the fraternity and all those who work with us along with their families took part. The liturgy was followed by a festive supper and a good evening’s entertainment.

So the final Tempo forte of 2016 came to an end. As we prepare to celebrate what St. Francis called the “Feast of Feasts”, may I wish each and every one of you all the blessings and joys of Christmas. May the peace that the birth of Christ brought into our world accompany you throughout 2017.

19th December 2016

Aidan McGrath ofm
Secretary General