Comunicato of the General Definitory January 2017

The first Tempo Forte of 2017 took place between 9th and 27th January, just over three weeks after the Tempo Forte of December.

For the first week, the Definitory dedicated itself to ordinary administrative matters; the last two weeks were devoted to the meeting of the General Definitory with the Ministers and Custodes elected during 2016. In all, some 37 Ministers and Custodes took part. This meant that the General Curia was full to overflowing. About 10 friars stayed in Bonus Pastor, a hotel owned by the Holy See. Mealtimes were somewhat chaotic at times, but no one went hungry!

Among the matters dealt with in the first week of the Tempo forte was the appointment of Br. Caoimhín Ó Laoide as Visitator General of the Province of St. John the Baptist, USA. This was made necessary by the resignation for health reasons of Br. Gerald Evans. The appointment of a General Definitor as a Visitator is somewhat unusual but was necessary in the circumstances.

Some of the offices joined the Definitory to give an update of their activities. The report of Br. César Külkamp concerning his visitation of the Custody of St. Benedict in Amazonia was presented for discussion. The Definitory took some strategic decisions concerning the planning and celebration of the Plenary Council of the Order scheduled for June 2018. Some last minute arrangements were also made for the meeting of the General Definitory with the African Conference which will take place in Nairobi during the month of February.

During this Tempo forte, a total of 79 files (plichi) were presented for study and decision. They dealt with a very wide variety of administrative matters. A few particular situations coming from different Entities were also considered – some of these were deferred for further reflection, while those that were decided have been communicated to the Entities involved.

The meeting with the new Ministers and Custodes concluded on Thursday, 26th January. A final brief meeting of the Definitory took place on Friday 27th. The next Tempo forte is scheduled to begin on 13th March.

31st January 2017

Aidan McGrath ofm
Secretary General