Course for Franciscan Missionaries of the First Order in Brussels – 2016

The course for them missionaries Franciscans of the first order (Conventual, Capuchin and OFM) began in Brussels on the 6th day of September 2016. There are 11 missionaries preparing to go to missions ad gentes. The course is directed by two animators: a Conventual Friar and a Capuchin Friar, who will accompany to the missionaries in their formation process. The missionary environment and the joy of getting to know each other has been great in the international community of Brussels.

The Conventual, Capuchin and OFM General Secretaries for Missions gathered with them during these initial days. These Secretaries are, among other things, responsible for accompanying the brothers of the community and the missionaries that are participating in the course. They are to encourage and review the program training that covers three fundamental areas: human, Franciscan and missionary by observing and evaluating the experience of brotherly life, prayer, and pastoral service to the peripheries.

Pray brothers, so our missionaries who are preparing themselves during these three months, will not lose the joy of proclaiming the Gospel with their own lives. Pray that their presence will encourage other brothers to desire to work for the missions and joyfully entrust their lives for God’s Reign.