CTC No. 52 (03.2018)

It is with real joy and some emotion that we present Number 52 of the review cTc which we have chosen to dedicate to the first 50 years of the Pro Monialibus Office of which cTc itself is the ‘child’. In these opening lines which, this time, we have borrowed from the Delegate General, we, the editorial team, would like to express the gratitude of all the sisters, to the Friars Minor. They, immediately after the Second Vatican Council, enabled the nuns of the Second Order to advance along the path of renewal indicated by the Church in the decree Perfectae Caritatis.

Now, when naturally the group of brothers and sisters is dwindling who could tell at first hand that significant part of the story, now we feel a need to make sure we do not lose the memories which form a vital link with a history to which we belong and which belongs to us all. For this reason we ‘knocked at the door’ of those brothers who accompanied us as Delegates Pro Monialibus. We have asked for memories, for a testimony or an echo of that fraternal ministry which they gave us. And the brothers have proved themselves caring and generous once again.

However the first three Delegates are now dead but we could not neglect to gather something from their experience which paved the way and cleared the path along which we were then able to walk! Therefore the help of Sr. Chiara Agnese Acquadro, Abbess of the Protomonastery of Santa Chiara, has been most precious because she patiently sifted through the text of a number of editions of Pro Monialibus and copied them out for us. From this, we have been able to insert what was missing in our own mosaic of the fruitful care and solicitude shown us by the OFM Curia.

The newly established Pro Monialibus Office collaborated with the work of an ad hoc commission composed of sisters from different parts of the world. This was formed in order to count and catalogue the responses sent by the monasteries in preparation for the new General Constitutions. The President of the English Federation told us that two sisters of that Commission are still alive and this pushed us to contact them in the hope of receiving their memories of that unique experience, which was also certainly a pioneering experience, of ‘inter-clarian’ collaboration. The writings of Sister Mary Francis and Sister Marie-Claire close this edition. They are a precious gift which makes us feel that we too are part of a fruitful tradition which in our own time is able to give shape to the ‘holy working’ of the Spirit of the Lord.

The Sisters of the Editorial Team



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