CTC No. 53 (12.2018)

We all know the episode of the leper in the life of S. Francis and we know the difficulty he had even in enduring his sight. In his Testament, however, he affirms: “The Lord himself led me among them and I used mercy with them. And turning away from them, what seemed bitter to me was changed to sweetness of soul and body”. This event will prove to be very important in the journey of the saint of Assisi and will be fundamental for the charism that God will give to the Church through Francis. The story is a testimony of Francis’s conversion and clearly describes his vocation. From that moment on it’s very clear to him how to put the Holy Gospel into practice. Francis will no longer refuse anyone, on the contrary everyone will be welcomed and everyone will find a space in this new spirituality.

Each period, along the course of human history, has particular characteristics that give it a specific meaning and expression. It is in fact linked, for better or for worse, to the people who pass through it, to the role that each one of them occupies in society and to the resources it enjoys.


This is the reality in which we live and try to realize our charism and this is also the reality that creates suffering in many sisters. Some communities that have decided on one of the two options (affiliation or suppression) have not easily managed to resolve their situation: the monasteries they are addressed to are not prepared to receive them or do not want to take on such a responsibility.

I would therefore urge the communities to become increasingly aware and to commit themselves to open their arms to those sisters who must abandon their monasteries in which they have lived their whole life.

May God grant that every situation is resolved in a dignified and fraternal manner, so that the deep love between the sisters is evident and it is possible for many nuns to live the joy of being welcomed.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with the coming of the Son of God in our history: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. Jesus was also rejected: “There was no room for them in the hotel”. That this does not happen among us! The One who came to share our life may accompany each sister on her journey and in the realization of the charism that God has given us.

(From the Message of the General Assistant for Nuns, fr. Fernando Mendoza Laguna, ofm)


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