CTC No. 54 (09.2019)

This edition No. 54 of “Communion and Communication” is devoted to high-lighting the opportunities given to our Communities, thanks to our belonging to a Federation/ Association.

Many years have passed since the promulgation of the Apostolic Constitution Sponsa Christi Ecclesia which «advocated the birth of the Federations as structures of communion» (Cor Orans, Introduction). Now we have been blessed with the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei quærere, in which Pope Francis proposes «to present in Vultum Dei quærere the intense and fruitful path taken by the Church in the last decades, in the light of the teachings of the same Council and considering the changed socio-cultural conditions» (ibid). Most part of our Federations have already a story written for many decades.

We invited Sisters from different geographic areas to share their positive and constructive experiences, lived and organized in their Federations/Associations.

As a true response to God’s call at this time, we encourage one another to walk this fraternal path that the Church is asking of us.

Thanks to all the Sisters who shared their thoughts and living stories.

Thanks to all of you who welcome and read these pages.


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