CTC No. 58 (12.2021)

No. 58 of the issue “Communion and Communication”, comes to you in a time of ‘transitions’. You will receive it between the celebration of expectation (Advent season) and that of fulfilment (Christmas), and you will probably read it between 2021 and the New Year 2022.

Before all this, however, in the Office of the Pro Monialibus of the General Curia, there will be the handover between Br Ignacio Ceja and Br Fábio Gomes: this time you will receive two letters from the Office!

We would like to express a huge “THANK YOU” to Br Ignacio in these simple lines of the presentation. The support and accompaniment that he has offered us during these months of his service, made more difficult by the limitation of movement, and therefore of visiting the sisters, has made us more aware of the sensitive quality of his brotherly heart: a gift we wish to cherish. In our prayers, we will continue to present you to the Lord, Br Ignacio, fraternally sharing in the mission where He is already waiting for you.

A warm “WELCOME”, Br Fábio! Thank you for accepting the obedience to walk alongside the sisters all over the world, for the time that will be granted us. You are a sign of Francis’ fraternal care for the Poor Sisters now.

The fruitfulness of the relationship between the Friars Minor and the Poor Clares, a manifestation of the charism we have received, is highlighted by the stories of experiences and reflections that come from India, Taiwan, Nicaragua, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Holy Land, and France, echoes of the life of our Sisters and Brothers there.

Federations that are blossoming (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), others that restarted after the Federal Assembly (Federation Santa Clara, Mexico); communities that generate other communities (Rwanda): all transitions of life towards a greater, fuller life.

The great Centenary that the Franciscan Family began to celebrate in 2021 also includes the implantatio Ordinis in Germany: our Sisters of Brixen (Italy) reminded us of this.

A section of this issue is dedicated to our brother Fernando Mendoza Laguna, whose sudden death has left us so dismayed… he, who for so many years opened the ‘cTc’ with his letter to the Sisters, we now want to conclude this number in his memory. We know that now, and even more so in the future, we will be protected by his prayer and cheered by his smile.

Happy reading!

The Sisters of the editorial team


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