CTC No. 57 (07.2021)


Peace to everyone!

While writing, our brothers are living their first few days of meeting and work at the General Chapter. We keep them all in our prayers and daily offering.

When you read this no. 57 of Communion and Communication, however, the new Minister General will have already been elected! As of now we welcome him to his “new place of service” and let him know of our fraternal affection and profound desire to walk together with him on the evangelical journey of the Franciscan/Clarian form of life.

During this year 2021, we are celebrating the VIII centenary of the Early Rule (1221-2021), an extraordinary document where the first ‘experiments’ of an evangelical life, made by a fraternity in growth, are gathered. Clare and her Sisters had their own part in this process. Therefore, cTc 57, that we are presenting, is partially dedicated to the bond of fraternal reciprocity between the Friars Minor and the Poor Clares, as lived in two Italian Federations. We appreciated that mutual relationships have been growing for the last few decades, thanks to a deepening understanding of our common charism, and we would like to let know what is happening around the world in this regard. So, we heartily encourage the Sisters (and the Friars too!) to share their experiences, dreams, reflections about this topic, and send them to us to be included in the next numbers of cTc.

Browsing these pages, you will hear the voices of the Sisters from Brazil introducing one of the Brazilian Federations; you will join in giving thanks to the Lord for the Poor Clares’ VIII centenary of presence in France; and, going back to our origins, you’ll be surprised to read an interview with our Mother St. Clare! Clare is alive today and has much to say to our world with all its problems. From her experience and writings, we are led to realize that contemplation is not only the vocation of the person, but is also the only hope for our sociological, human, and ecological reality. A great ‘thank you’ to sr. Rita Valente osc (Vilobí d’Onyar) for sharing with all of us the IV chapter of her final paper of the Licentiate Thesis in Interreligious Dialogue, Ecología en Clara de Asís, relación – comunión con toda la Creación.

Before all this, however, you will read the letter that our Delegate General, Br. Ignacio Ceja, addresses to each and every Sisters, written just before entering the Chapter.

Even if we cannot know what the future holds for you – and for us with you – we thank you so much, Br. Ignacio, for this year together. We want to treasure the invitation you address to us: to continue to support, with our prayer and our example of life, the most fragile members of the Body of Christ.

Enjoy the reading!

Poor Clare Sisters of the Editorial Team


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