CTC Nr. 59 (06.2022)

We offer you this No. 59 of Communion and Communication while Easter time is still approaching its fullness. After the day of Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus who had been scattered after his death, began to learn to walk together, guided by the Holy Spirit who is the Lord of communion.

The texts which will follow are accounts of federal experiences, community ones and personal ones which may find a common understanding in the dynamic of a shared journey.

We Poor Clare Sisters, who live our response to the Father’s love in the context of the monastery, follow the Son of God who made himself the Way. Fr. Fábio reminds us of this in his reflection about Clare the synodal woman. In Clare, the metaphor of the journey and also that of the contest are frequent as we know: this paradox, which is only apparently so, is extremely fruitful.

We, so many people, are making this journey together. From the four corners of the world the sisters show us, in these pages, some of their travelling companions. These are the sisters themselves, sisters of the monastery, of the federation, of the monasteries to be re-energized. These sisters form the local Church in which the monastery is situated even while they are women from other Churches and Christian communities as well as being people of the places in which they are putting down the roots of new foundations. And our travelling companions are also those who have travelled the Way before us. The sisters of Camerino tell us of one particular encounter which they are living with Camilla Battista da Varano, whose body has been entrusted to their care. Further, there are those companions of the journey who, whether they knew it or not, had helped us to understand that to be a Poor Sister was the Way for us. From Mbarara in Uganda we have received a testimony in just this sense.

Let us also continue to travel together then through the pages of cTc.

Happy reading!

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