DECREE: General Statutes – amended Articles

The General Chapter of the Order of Friars Minor celebrated in Assisi during the Feast of Pentecost 2015, made some modifications to the General Statutes.

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General Statutes: amended Articles

Article 21

The juridical condition of retired Bishops who return to a Province or Custody is to be defined in particular Statutes, noting however that they cannot enjoy active and passive voice in the Order.

Article 158
§ 3 A legal representative separate from the General Bursar is to be named by the Minister General, after consulting his Definitory for those transactions concerning temporal goods which, according to civil law, require such an office.

Article 201

b. To offer assistance to the Minister General and his Definitory in the government and animation of the entire Order. To this end, in their meetings with the general government, the Presidents of the Conferences are to be consulted in questions of greater importance for the Order.

SSGG – Artt 21 158 e 201 (PDF)

SSGG – Artt 21 158 e 201 (DOC)

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