Eco Guide for Parishes

Dear brothers, I want share with you an excellent material: “Eco Guide for parishes”, published in Spanish, by the MOVIMIENTO CATÓLICO MUNDIAL POR EL CLIMA (world-wide Catholic movement dealing with the climate). It contains practical material that can help implement the Franciscan spirit in our parishes. The authors authorize its publication, translation and dissemination. Let us join our forces in a new way of evangelizing today.

The guide for Eco-Parishes is an excellent resource that helps us to put into practice Pope Francisco’s Laudato Si’ on its first anniversary. As Franciscans, we are called to set an example by “making prudent decisions and taking bold actions” against environmental problems. We are called to be agents of change, evangelists that care for our common house and making it a concrete space for the presence of God’s Reign.

“By doing this, we will nurture and sustain human life at all stages, as well as protect the goodness and the beauty of the great gift of the natural environment of God”. “Parishes have an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions because as a church, we operate in more than 220,000 parishes around the world that represent even more churches, rectories, offices, other parish buildings, and vehicles that make use of conventional fossil fuels for energy, and contribute directly to climate change.”

As Friars Minor moving towards the outskirts, this practical document is an excellent resource for making the life of our parishes more dynamic and teaching us how to deal with one of the great global challenges, that of climate change, to which we are called to join in the efforts to make people’s lives more dignified around the world.

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