Evangelization in the Parish and COVID-19

Dear Brother Secretaries of Mission-Evangelization,

Peace and Good!

From the SGME we want to reach you with a greeting of solidarity and hope. In solidarity with the difficulties that you and the communities that you accompany are living in these moments of pandemic because of the Covid19, and also of hope, because in faith in the Risen Lord we know that this is not the end, and that we can glimpse a better future and “a new normality”.

It is worth reading this text:

We are called to an attitude of hope, beyond the paralyzing effect of two opposite temptations: on the one hand, the resignation that passively undergoes events; on the other, the nostalgia for a return to the past, only longing for what was there before. Instead, it is time to imagine and implement a project of human coexistence that allows a better future for each and every one” (Pontifical Academy for Life, Humana Communitas in the Age of Pandemic: Untimely Meditations on Life’s Rebirth“, 22.07.2020).

All of us are called to collaborate in this dream and in the emergence of a better future, as this is our task as evangelizers, to announce a better world – according to the coordinates of the Kingdom of God – and to collaborate in the creation of the conditions that make it real.

This letter is also an invitation to read the Instruction that the Vatican has just published on the Parish: “The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church” by the Congregations for the Clergy, 20.07.2020.

There are many entities, fraternities and confreres involved in parish work. We know that from the parish we can make a good and great evangelization.

We would like to remind you that before this instruction, our Order, through the SGME, had already published a text on the parish in 2009: “Sent to Evangelize in Fraternity and Minority in the Parish“.  Confronting the two texts we see how ours,  not only goes ahead to touch on some themes that appear in the instruction, but also gives us many clues for action, along with  a reading of the “signs of the times”, which  does not appear in the present instruction.

Let us dare to read, together with the instruction, our text on EVANGELIZATION IN THE PARISH, as brothers and minors, seeking to be also, “outgoing parish”, community of communities, promoter of evangelization. The invitation is also to share this letter and these texts with the secretaries of Evangelization of your entities and to invite them to read them and to make, from them, an evaluation of our projects and evangelizing practices.

The text of the Instruction can be found at this address:



The Order’s Handbook for Parish Ministry:

English: Sent to Evangelize in Fraternity and Minority in the Parish
Español: Enviados a Evangelizar en Fraternidad y Minoridad en la Parroquia
Italiano: Inviati per Evangelizzare in Fraternità e Minorità nella Parrocchia

Let us take advantage of this time of confinement to update and revise our evangelizing practice from the “outgoing parish”.


Rome, July 25th 2020

Your brothers,
Br. Alonso Morales, ofm
Br. Valmir Ramos, ofm
Br. Antonio Lanzi, ofm