Exchange of Greetings between the Ecumenical Patriarch and the OFM Minister General on the Occasion of the Feast of St. Andrew

On the 20th of December 2018, the Minister General, Br. Michael A. Perry, OFM received a warm reply to the greeting he had sent (PDF in French) to His Holiness Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarch.

The Patriarch wrote:

“As is the case every year, it is with great joy and heartfelt delight that we exalt this most esteemed Apostle; him, who through God’s divine providence became the founder, protector and guardian of the centuries-old Holy and Great Church of Christ; him, who was the first to bring the radiant light of Christ to Byzantium; and him, who was the first to bless the land that would later become the Roman Empire’s triumphant capital in the East.”

“The martyric and apostolic Church of Constantinople – the Church of the Ecumenical Councils and the First Throne of Orthodoxy – is, indeed, established upon the very words that were preached by this venerable and God-bearing Apostle; that is to say, it is rooted in the authentic continuation of the Lord’s veritable teachings as evangelized by His righteous disciples and apostles, and steadfastly preserved by the Holy Fathers throughout the ages. “

The Ecumenical Patriarch ended the letter by thanking Br. Michael for his “kind wishes and thoughtful sentiments” and extended his “wholehearted prayers and greetings” to all the brothers of the Order. (Complete text in English: PDF).