First Missionary Congress in Asia

The first missionary congress in Asia was held from 17th to 21st February 2019, in Manila, the Philippines, organised by the presidents and secretaries of the two Asian conferences. The objectives of the congress were: to reflect on the current situation of Mission in Asia and to strengthen links between the entities of the FCAO entities, as well as experiencing the diverse cultural expressions of the Asian world.

The bishops and priests who participated in the conference helped us see some of the many challenges facing Mission in this continent (migration, social media as a venue for evangelisation, some key challenges of inter-religious dialogue), as well as the fruits of this missionary work.

The Minister General, Br. Michael A. Perry, OFM, presented a talk entitled: “Retelling the story of Jesus in Asia,” insisting, above all, on the need for dialogue and encounter, as crucial aspects of Mission.

The General Office of Mission and Evangelisation shared the theme “Bearers of the Fruit of the Gospel,” which emphasised the fundamental aspects of Evangelising Mission according to the Second Vatican Council: Proclamation, Solidarity and Dialogue. They noted that there is an intrinsic relationship between these three aspects, translated for Asia by the FAB (Federation of Episcopal Conferences of Asia) as Communion – solidarity – dialogue, noting that in all these aspects, everything starts as something alive, testimonial.

Finally, we must emphasise the excellent organisation, the warm and fraternal welcome among the brothers and which they shared with us. Thanks to all the brothers, presidents, secretaries, and collaborators, who prepared this Congress.