Forced like Jesus Christ to flee | 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees


You have to know each person,
who suffers exile – how much pain!
Understand their struggles, their paths …
Are they numbers? No! They are people, they have value!

You have to get closer,
From the dramas so far along the path.
Serving is a must! Break the fears!
It becomes care and affection.

In the unsettling silence, this is the grace:
the cry of the little ones to listen!
Reconciling, imposes us
the causes of the poorest embrace.

Growing up, only makes sense if you go together!
No one else fated to wane!
The land and its resources are for everyone!
It requires that we learn to share.

The evil of the landlord of this world,
our intimate wealth will never kill!
I need everyone to get involved
to promote more life and dignity.

Promoting the Kingdom is a commitment,
that everyone can collaborate,
to build a freer world,
where everyone can live.

– Fr. Zilmar Augusto Moreira de Oliveira, OFM