Franciscans in India welcome Minister General and Definitor General

Visit to the Custody of Mary Mother of God – North India

Br. Michael Anthony Perry, Minister General, and Br. Lino Greg Redoblado, Definitor General for Asia and Oceania, arrived in Mumbai on 23rd April 2018. Br. Praveen Henry D’ Souza, Minister Provincial of Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, and Br. Carols Dias, Custos of the Custody of Mary Mother of God, received them at the Airport. When they reached Our Lady of Good Counsel Friary in Mumbai, Br. Michael and Br. Greg were given a traditional Indian Welcome. The friars, parishioners, OFS members, youth and children gathered at the entrance of the friary to welcome them.

Br. Michael and Br. Greg addressed the gathering of the Franciscan Family – brothers and sisters from various Franciscan congregations inviting them to reflect deeply and seriously about the Franciscan way of life in order to be more relevant to society today. They addressed the Friars of the Custody in particular during a special meeting reminding them about the essential elements of Franciscan way of life – God, Fraternity and Mission.

Br. Michael and Br. Greg visited the small village of Malom-Naotoli on 24th April where they were given the customary tribal welcome. The friars, parishioners of Malom Naotoli and surrounding villages led the visiting brothers in a grand procession.


Visit to the Province of St. Thomas the Apostle – South India

Br. Michael and Br. Greg arrived in St. Anthony’s Friary, Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka on 26th April. Friars gathered at the entrance and welcomed them with the fraternal love and affection. Br. Michael and Br. Greg met the novices and encouraged them in their journey as friars minor. The OFS members of St. Anthony’s friary met Br. Michael and Br. Greg. They also paid a visit to the FMM sisters in Bengaluru.

From Bengaluru, Br. Michael and Br. Greg proceeded to Assisivanam, Peravoor, Kerala on 27th April where the Plenary Council of the Province was being held.  Br. Michael delivered a well-prepared address to the Friars after which he engaged the friars in a lively interaction. He reminded the friars about the non-negotiables of Franciscan way of life and invited the brothers to be revitalized to live better as friars minor. He also helped the brothers to share and address the various issues of the Province. Br. Greg gave a presentation on the Franciscan presence in the world and the various challenges that the friars across the world encounter.


Visit to the Foundation of St Francis of Assisi – North East India

Br. Michael and Br. Greg arrived in Guwahati in the state of Assam on 30th April. Br. Singarayar, the President of the Foundation and Br. Stephen Lamin accompanied them. Br. Michael and Br. Greg met the staff and the students of St. Anthony’s School in North Guwahati and from there they went to Clare’s Friary in Salbari to meet the friars. A newly built chapel in the village was inaugurated by both.