Fratelli Tutti: Friars of Indonesia launch “Year of Fraternity”

The Friars Minor of the Province of St. Michael the Archangel in Indonesia, including the Foundation of East Timor, accepting the invitation in the Holy Father Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti, began 2021 as a particular year of fraternity for the whole Province.

Br Mikael Peruhe, the Minister Provincial of 135 solemnly professed friars, in his opening words underlined the importance of the encyclical for the Indonesian Church, encouraging the friars to continue to live it in practice in their communities and in their various forms of pastoral service, but especially as a living witness for those who are sick and abandoned because of Covid-19.

Br Agustinus Nggame, Director of the Office of Spirituality, prepared a booklet, which illustrates pastoral steps to help the friars in every reality and situation.

The year’s song was presented, composed by Br Stanislaus Sukartanto, “Kita Satu Keluarga” (We are One Family), and is available on the Province’s YouTube page.  As a symbol of the year of fraternity, the logo, created by Br Rio Edison, was also presented.

About thirteen communities from the various islands and regions of Indonesia and East Timor made a brief video presentation showing our people’s customs, with shouts, songs, dances, and a little prayer. The missionary friars who are in Thailand, Istanbul and the Holy Land also participated in the link-up.

In the last session, the groups of student friars and novices shared short videos. Every year, the young students (currently 85 friars) usually spend a period of fraternity of about three days in the novitiate house, but this was not possible this year.

We Indonesian friars, carry this meeting in our hearts as a message of hope to be shared with our brothers and sisters.


Br. Andreas Atawolo OFM