General Definitorium at MZF’s 50th anniversary and COTAF Meeting

The Missionszentrale der Franziskaner  (MZF, Franciscan Mission Centre), the Germany-based Franciscan organization for aid in Africa, Asia and Latin America, celebrated their 50th anniversary on the 6th – 8th of September 2019.  The General Definitorium, two Brazilian bishops, the State Premier of the Nordrhein-Westfalen were invited along with 600 guests at the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg.

The following days were dedicated to the presentation of projects for various countries at the MZF headquarters. More than 17,000 projects have been funded over the past 50 years. The jubilee celebration concluded with Mass in the church of St. Remigio in Bonn followed by a reception by the mayor of the city in the historic town hall of Bonn.

Afterwards, the General Definitory met with the Transalpine Franciscan Conference (COTAF), which oversees MZF. Franciscan identity, fraternal life in the region, contemplative missionary fraternities and questions about the whole Order were discussed in the meeting. The friars also took the occasion to visit Cologne Cathedral to pray at the tomb of the blessed Franciscan theologian, John Duns Scotus.