Handbook for Guardians

The aim of this resource is to provide assistance to the friars who have been given the responsibility of serving as Guardians in our fraternities.

The Guardian’s role does not have a single and unequivocal meaning — it is a complex role, involving a variety of issues and it requires competence in a number of areas.

This handbook offers brief reflections on each of the different areas entailed in serving as a Guardian in the Order of Friars Minor.

Therefore, after making some observations on what St. Francis says about the role of the Guardian, we will examine the variety of distinctive areas involved in this role: spiritual matters, juridical matters, fraternal matters, animation & formation matters, financial matters, administrative matters, and pastoral matters.

Obviously, this resource does not include everything there is to say; instead, it offers some practical ideas and formation that will be of help in carrying out this important service. We hope that your reading of this text will motivate you to study further.


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