International Conference on Duns Scotus

The Pontifical University Antonianum held an International Conference on Duns Scotus entitled “A New Metaphysics for a New Theology. John Duns Scotus on the 750th anniversary of His Birth” November 7-8, 2016 ”

Organized – by P. Porro, University of Paris; by L. Sileo, OFM, J. Percan, OFM, President of the Scotus Commission; by A. Hernandez, OFM, Vice Rector of the PUA; by A. Cacciotti OFM, Dean of the Faculty of theology of the PUA; by P. Messa, OFM, Dean of SSSMF of the PUA. The Conference, in its two days, saw a succession of important international speakers. It was welcomed by Mary Melone, Rector of the PUA, by Josip Percan, President of Scotus Commission, by Michael a. Perry, OFM, general Minister and Chancellor of the PUA and Serge-Thomas Bonino, President of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The Conference was meant to rethink some of John Duns Scotus’s basic metaphysical, ethical and theological thought on the occasion of the completion of the Vatican Edition of the Lettura e dell’Ordinatio.