Introduction to the CPO 2018

The Plenary Council (PCO) 2018 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from June 12th to 28th, and the theme will be:

“Those who have ears, let them listen to what the Spirit is saying …

to the Friars Minor today”. (cf. Rev 2:7)


As the theme suggests, the PCO is being viewed as a listening opportunity, allowing us to better welcome the voice of God and to hear whatever He wishes to say to us today. We want to pay attention to and discern God’s will so that we may be guided along his paths. In addition, we wish to listen to one other as brothers and to deepen our awareness of the many changes occurring in the Church and in societies in every Continent — in all the places where the Order has a presence.


Outline of the PCO:

  • The first day will involve contributions from experts, in order to have a general overview of the Church and the world of today.
  • Other sessions will be devoted to listening to presentations from the Council Members from the different Continents. Creative interchange will be fostered by small group work and plenary discussions, focusing on the most important issues raised in the Council Members’ presentations.  From a process of sharing and discussion, ideas will become refined until a synthesis emerges that in turn will lead to directions and guidelines from the PCO. This material will then form the basis for a final document to be sent to the Order by the Minister General and Definitory.
  • The work of the PCO will also determine the guidelines for the animation of the Order for the 2018-2021 triennium, as well as the matters to be dealt with at the next General Chapter.
  • Finally, the PCO program will also include time to fulfill the other duties of the PCO, as described in art. 194 of the GGCC.


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