Ite, nuntiate… Guidelines for New Forms of Life and Mission in the Order of Friars Minor (2017)

The revised text of the document, Ite nuntiate, is now available for download. Translations in other languages will be published soon.

…The purpose of this booklet is to highlight these New Forms, and to make them better known to all the Friars, but particularly to the Provincial Ministers and Custodes who have the task of discernment about the friars who have been entrusted to them, who are called to encourage these brothers, and to closely accompany the setting up of new Fraternities. The Guidelines are addressed in particular to you, dear Brothers who are inspired to live New Forms of Life and Mission, so as to provide you with support, solidarity and a solid set of criteria, as you make what burns inside you a reality. (from the Foreward by Br. Michael Perry, OFM)

Ite, nuntiate… Smjernice vodilje o novim oblicima života i poslanja u Redu manje braće (2017) [HRVATSKI]

Ite, nuntiate … Guidelines for New Forms of Life and Mission in the Order of Friars Minor (2017) [ENGLISH]

Ite, nuntiate… Directrices sobre las Nuevas Formas de vida y misión en la Orden de los Hermanos Menores (2017) [ESPAÑOL]

Ite, nuntiate… Orientations pour les Nouvelles Formes de vie et de mission dans l’Ordre des Frères Mineurs [FRANÇAIS]

Ite, nuntiate… Linee-guida sulle Nuove Forme di vita e missione nell’Ordine dei Frati Minori (2017) [ITALIANO]

Ite, nuntiate… Wytyczne do Nowych Form Życia i Misji Zakonu Braci Mniejszych (2017) [POLSKI]

Ite, nuntiate… Diretrizes sobre as Novas Formas de Vida e Missão na Ordem dos Frades Menores (2017) [PORTUGUÊS]

Ite, nuntiate… Leitlinien für die „Neuen Formen der Lebensweise und der Mission“ im Orden der Minderbrüder (DEUTSCH)