Koinonia 2017: 2 – 4 (N. 94 – N. 96)

The Spiritual Assistants of OFS/ YOUFRA and all Franciscans can now download the latest issue of Koinonia of 2017, “Living the Franciscan charism in today’s world.”




From May 29 to June 2 was held a “Capitolo generalissimo” of all the Franciscan families of Umbria to commemorate the fifth centenary of Ite vos. The “prophecy of fraternal communion” is what has been experienced and activated in Foligno, in the knowledge that there is no truth, nor Christian credibility in a spirituality that does not become fraternal communion. It would mean that we Franciscans have yet a long way to walk on the footprints of Francis. The present study is a humble attempt to understand the meaning of fraternal bonds in the life of a secular Franciscan.First we will go through the life and Writings of Francis and then will take up the Rule and Constitutions of OFS.