Koinonia 2020 – 1 (N.105): The OFS Rule as a response in times of great changes

The OFS Rule as a Response in Times of Great Changes


Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher of the pontifical house says in one of his reflections that if, by some miracle the whole Bible were to be concentrated to pronounce one word, all it would say will be “God-loves-you!”[1]. Sacred Scripture is all about the love of God. Jesus Christ, by his incarnation, life, passion, death and resurrection, is the supreme prove and eternal covenant of this love. The Church is founded to be a means and instrument, “some sort of sacrament”[2] to tell the world of this love until the end of time. In this light, evangelization is telling the world of God’s love made known to us in Christ Jesus. However, how can this be done in language intelligible to each generation[3]? This is the challenge of inculturation. It is the challenge of up-dating, “aggiornamento” which the universal Church decided to take up with faith and courage from Vatican II. As times and cultures change, so too should we update and adapt our language and methods to ensure effective evangelization.

We are happy that the “Franciscan charism” today is still a force for the good of the Church and the human community, despite the infiltration of doctrines and tendencies that alienate people from God and from the supernatural”, affirms Pope St. Paul VI[4].  In all four numbers of Koinonia for this year 2020, we have chosen the main theme above: “Secular Franciscans in times of great changes”. In this first number, Fr. Francis Bongajum Dor, OFMCap. reflects on “The OFS Rule as a response in times of great changes”. In the subsequent numbers, we will reflect on, “The Secular Franciscan and the immigrant” (Fr. Pedro Zitha, OFM); “Integral ecology: the response of Secular Franciscan” (Fr. Claudio Hernán, TOR); and, finally, “Franciscan Economy for Seculars” (Fr. Alfred Parambakathu, OFMConv.).


  • Koinonia 2020-1“The OFS Rule as a Response in Times of Great Changes”– Fr. Francis Bongajum Dor, OFMCap

N. 105

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