Koinonia 2022 – 1 (N.113): Communion: a challenge of the Gospel life of the OFS

“The path of synodality is the path that God expects from the Church of the third millennium”, Pope Francis tells us. Indeed, synodality, he underlined, “is a constitutive dimension of the Church”, so that “what the Lord asks of us, in a certain sense, is already all contained in the word “Synod”.

Pope Francis in Evangelii gaudium,13, expressed the desire to stimulate participatory processes “following the ideal of the first communities, where believers had one heart and one soul. (cf. Acts 4, 32)”; and from there stimulate processes of change and conversion, both personal and common. Evangelii Gaudium makes a journey so that the entire baptized community reflects on faith and its consequences within the Church.

The episcopal conferences have focused their attention not only on the exercise of the episcopal ministry and its historical structure, but also on the horizon of the ecclesial community present in their dioceses. The expression “synodality” is not just a simple journey together, it must be a strong provocation to build together the parish community with the criteria of the Gospel and with a spirituality of journeying, that is, one that sanctifies day by day. It means that being Church is synodality and without synodality the Church cannot live.



N. 113

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