KOINONIA 2022 – 2 (N.113): The participation of the Secular Franciscans in the Church as a sign of fidelity

This year we have decided to focus on the Synodality. In the last article of Koinonia we discussed the theme of communion of the Church-People of God and how the secular Franciscans can live that communion, following the example of St. Francis. In the present article we would like to see how the Secular Franciscans can participate in the Synodal journey of the Church. A question that we often ask and enter into discussion is how can we renew and revive the life of the Secular Franciscan Order. The most powerful answer can be found in the Constitutions: “open to the demands which come from society and the current state of the church…” (8.2). To participate in the Synodal journey has to be our fundamental response to the present demands of the church. Love for the renewal of the Church is part of our charism (GGCC 13.2) and listening to the guidelines of the Church is the way (GGCC 15.2).

In this study our focus is not on the theological or juridical aspects of the Synodality of the Church, but only on how, as laity, the secular Franciscans can participate in the Synodality.



N. 113 – 2022.2

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