Koinonia: Challenges and hopes of the Relationship between OFS and YouFra

The document on the Incorporation of the members of YouFra into OFS asks: Why has the need to establish a Franciscan Youth organized and incorporated to the OFS been felt? The answer is that, in recent decades, the demands and dynamics of the youth world have changed and the Franciscan Family, encouraged from its base and with the support of the Church, has prepared to respond appropriately to these changes to offer answers and places of discernment and action to young people. The YouFra, therefore, is the privileged place of the Franciscans to do all this. In addition, it must be added that OFS, within the Franciscan Family, is the Order that, living in the secular world, better lends itself to welcome this path, support it, assist it, and for this reason the Church has formally entrusted to it1.

In order to maintain this fruitful relationship and develop it, here are some aspects that can help us think together and continue working in fraternal communion.

  1. Maintain in life the gift that is received
  2. Face tensions with openness to dialogue
  3. Take advantage of the way already traced
  4. Encourage the fraternal animation and the formation
  5. Continue to promote the double belonging



As we conclude this journey the intimate relationship of OFS and YouFra is obvious. Indeed, the YouFra is a gift from God for the Church and for the Franciscan family. The Franciscan family through OFS has responded to this call by welcoming the YouFra within it. Having young people with us is a source of blessing and hope. For this gift to continue to be fruitful, it is necessary, first of all, that the spiritual dimension motivates all our activities and projects. The reception of the Sacraments and time dedicated for Prayer are permanent sources of spirituality. Secondly, to recognize that, just as young people are a gift from God to the Church, they also represent a great challenge: the permanent challenge of accompaniment. The appointment of fraternal animators is essential for young people to learn the charism and later choose a secular or religious life within our spirituality; along with the designation comes the formation; the formation of the Fraternal Animators is necessary for the exigencies of the age of the youth which is always changing. Finally, take advantage of the wonderful gift of the paths already journeyed. Indeed, no tension or conflict can prevail if we dialogue and continue to work together in the Lord.

– Claudio Hernán Eguzquiza Rodríguez, TOR


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[1] Incorporation of the Members of YouFra in to OFS, http://www.ciofs.org/, p. 1