The Latin American Pilgrimage Laudato Si ‘came to its conclusion

The icons of Saint Francis and Saint Clare arrived at the Middle of the World (Equatorial line).

On Saturday, October 28, the Franciscan pilgrimage of the icons of Saint Francis and Saint Clare that accompanied numerous communities of the Franciscan Family in Latin America came to its conclusion. About 18 countries got involved in this international event promoted from the JPIC office.

The objective of the pilgrimage was to revive the life and commitment of the Franciscan Family in the promotion of the Encyclical Letter Laudato si ‘ by Pope Francis and the experience of the values of Justice and Peace in the care of the common home. According to the testimony of several brothers and sisters, the visit of the icons to their countries was a moment of grace in which they met, as a family, the different organizations moved by the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi.

During the pilgrimage, which began simultaneously in Mexico and Chile on February 10, the icons have summoned nearly sixty thousand people. We thank all the people of good will who have been involved in the organization of hundreds of activities around the icons. These icons and activities were the “pretext” to sing “Laudato  simy Lord for all your creatures”.

The closing of the pilgrimage took place at the same time as the V Ecological Week organized by the Franciscan Family in Ecuador. On the last day, Saturday 28, during the morning, a small delegation of the Franciscan Family, with representatives from different countries, went to the “monument at the Middle of the World“. They elevated a prayer. The symbolic meeting of the two icons, which traveled on pilgrimage from North and from South America, took place. In the afternoon, Monsignor José Adalberto Jiménez, OFM Cap presided the Eucharist. The OFM Provincial Ministers of Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador accompanied him together with many people of the Franciscan family.

This activity closed the eight months pilgrimage that united many voices of the American continent. These persons “walked with Francisco and Clara for a more fraternal and solidary world in Justice, Peace and Integrity with Creation” as the official motto of the pilgrimage said. More Latin American initiatives to come in the field of JPIC – Franciscan Family for the near future. This pilgrimage, in the opinion of the participants, allowed us to broaden a little more the physical and ideological borders that sometimes separated us, in order to unite us  around the Encyclical Laudato si ‘and  the care of our Sister Mother Earth.