Major meeting of the Franciscan Family in Alenquer, Portugal

On April 25th, an important National Meeting of the Franciscan Family took place in Alenquer, Portugal. Several hundred people who share the charism of the “Poverello of Assisi” gathered from all parts of Portugal in a friendly and fraternal environment. In a way, it was a “return to the origins” – a reminder of the days when St. Francis of Assisi met his brothers at the famous “Chapter of Mats“.

This event marked 800 years of Franciscan presence in Portugal, which began in the village of Alenquer with the arrival in 1216 of Brs. Walter and Zacharias, who first stayed in the Hospice of St. Catherine and, years later, founded the Friary of St. Francis. Since that time, Franciscans have communicated a message of peace, with the hope of sowing peace in the hearts of men and women.