Mediators & Reconcilers: New JPIC Mediation Centers in Bolivia

The JPIC Course for Mediation and Reconciliation in Bolivia concluded on March 4th, 2017 with 36 participants.  This project started a year ago through the support of TAU Navarra’s funding from the Province of Aránzazu, the endorsement of The San Pablo Catholic University of Bolivia and Professor Juan Pablo Albornoz Kokot.

The first part of the five-month course began in August of 2016. It composed of both in-person classroom lessons and on-line classes with students coming from the three different regions of La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba. The course offered theoretical training in relation to the mediation process. It emphasized non-violent communication and empathic listening, and provided tools to generate a process of reconciliation and understanding. The course prioritized questioning as a pedagogical tool since it stimulates productive thinking that helps to clarify thoughts and leads to deep reflection and analysis.

The second part of the course is the practical training which took place through the opening of three Community Mediation Centers (in each of the JPIC offices in the three cities mentioned above) so that the participants can put into practice what they have learned and provide effective service to their communities.

The conclusion of the whole project will take place when the Bolivian Franciscan Justice and Peace Movement receives the recognition from the Bolivian Government to open Reconciliation Centers that carry legal validity.

For more information, watch this video (in Spanish):

(Contributed by Br. Carmelo Galdós, OFM, President JPIC Bolivia)