Franciscans in Africa

Meeting of the General Definitorium with the African Conference

The annual assembly of the African Conference of Provincial Ministers and Custodes took place on 7-12 February 2017 in the House of the Dimese Sisters of Nairobi in Kenya. In line with the decisions of the General Chapter and the program of the General Definitorium for the next six years, the Assembly this year develops with the presence and animation of the General Minister and his Definitorium.

The African Conference that covers all the African continent is composed of six provinces, five custodies and four foundations, represented in the Assembly are as follows:

Br. Andre Marhabale, Province of St. Benedict the African in RDC
Br. Grégoire Bowa, Province of St. Mary of the Angels in RDC
Br. Virgile Agbessi, Province of the Incarnate Word in West Africa
Br. Carmelo Elo, Province of St. Francis of East Africa
Br. Kamal Labib, Province of the Holy Family of Egypt
Br. David Barnard, Province of Our Lady Queen of Peace in South Africa

Br. Manuel Juma, Custody of St. Clare in Mozambique
Br. Manuel Corullón, Custody of the Holy Martyrs in Morocco
Br. Victor Kematcha, Custody of St. Francis in Guinea-Bissau
Br. Jean-Charles Rakotondranaivo, Custody of the Immaculate in Madagascar
Br. Alfigio Tunha, Custody of the Good Shepherd in Zimbabwe

Br. Jose Antonio, Foundation of the Immaculate Conception in Angola
Br. Kordian Merta, Foundation of the Central African Republic
Br. Kevin Dessinga, Foundation of Our Lady of Africa in Congo-Brazzaville (absent)
Br. Peter Tindo, Foundation of Khartum in North Sudan
Br. Federico Gandolfi, Foundation of Juba in South Sudan

The Assembly will reflect on the young and growing presence of the Order in Africa, the challenges of evangelization and enculturation, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, commitment of the Order to the service of peace, justice and reconciliation, the suffering of victims of war and migration.