Meeting of the UFME JPIC Delegates

From November 30th to December 2nd, the leaders of the five JPIC conferences in Europe met in Katowice (Poland) together with the heads of the JPIC Office of the General Curia and the JPIC Animation Committee. Present were: Br. Francesco Zecca (COMPI), Br. Fausto Yudego (CONFRES), Br. Tran Ngoc Tiem (COTAF), Br. Maciej Olszewski (North Slavic) and Br. Tadej Strehovec (South Slavic). Together with Br. Rufino and Br. Jaime of the JPIC Office of the General Curia.

They were guests at the friars’ large friary, and if the outside temperature was very bracing, they enjoyed exceptional and very warm hospitality in the friary, thanks to the guardian Br. Sergiusz Baldyga.

During the two days of the meeting they presented the work of each conference, exchanged ideas and organized the next continental meeting of the JPIC delegates of Europe. From here they wanted to start afresh by discussing the theme: “Living Franciscan humanism in the current context of Europe. Go and repair my house”. This is an important opportunity to begin specific projects for the European continent that is going through various crises at this time.

The meeting was held in Katowice because on December 3rd the COP24 (UN Conference on Climate Change) opened, bringing 30,000 people from all over the world, both government delegations and civil society to this Polish city. It was a unique opportunity to take important and decisive steps that can safeguard future generations. It was stressed repeatedly that there is no more time, decisions cannot be postponed!

In particular, the JPIC Office of the General Curia organized a meeting for December 3rd, attended by 9 speakers from around the world, with the presence of the Conventual and Capuchin friars responsible for JPIC at the general level. The discussion was very important and the contribution that the various faiths can make regarding the climate crisis that is creating new migrants and touching the most vulnerable parts of the world was highlighted.